FINEST RADIOSHOW #261 (06-09-2014)


  1. DJ Pope, Marc Evans – Live It Up (Dj Pope Full Vocal Mix) [Musol Recordings]
  2. DJ Fudge – It Began In Africa (Orignal Mix) [United Music]
  3. Lilac Jeans – The Whistle Dancer [Lilac Jeans]
  4. The SyntheTigers, Tobirus Mozelle – Move Me (Phaze Dee Vocal Mix) [Moulton Music]
  5. Bon, Louise Spiteri – Stay (Groove Assassin Vocal Remix) [Edit]
  6. Rhemi – Revolution (Rhemi Vocal Mix) [Groove Odyssey]
  7. Kai & Kyle, Gordon Chambers, CK Gospel Choir – Higher Than High (Sean McCabe Dub) [King Street]
  8. Kiko Navarro – Hope [UnQuantize]
  9. Ruben Pires, Diana Lynn – New Girl (Spiritual Blessings Soul Diva Mix) [Drum]
  10. Sex O Sonique – I Trought It Was You [FFRR]

FINEST RADIOSHOW #260 (30-08-2014)


  1. Fresh Tunes #1 – Do You Know What I Mean [Fresh N Fruit]
  2. Danny Clark, Michelle Weeks – He Keeps Me (MAQman & Jezrael Vocal Mix) [Solid Ground]
  3. Cynthia Manley – Save The World (Jamie Lewis Disco Flava Mix) [Purple]
  4. Barbara Tucker, Rick Galactik – Can We Try (Lilac Jeans Vocal Mix) [Room Control]
  5. Simon Groove – Soulfulteka (Original Mix) [Manyoma]
  6. Louie Vega Feat Anane-Mozalounge (Jazz N Groove Musical Mix) [Vega]
  7. Baltimore Soul Tree, Sande’ – We Are The Party People (Spen, Thommy & Neal Hump Mix) [Quantize]
  8. Kenny Summit – Breathe [Good For You]
  9. Klevakeys – Makes Me Jump (Spen & Thommy Hyper Active Remix) [Unquantize]
  10. Kerri Chandler – The Boom Can [Mad House]
  11. Black Sheep – Strobelite Honey (The Def Mix) [Mercury]

FINEST RADIOSHOW #259 (16-08-14)


  1. Pondo, Lilac Jeans – Crazy Things (feat Inno – Lilac Jeans dub version) [Lilac Jeans]
  2. Liquid People – Son Of Dragon (Original) [Soul Heaven]
  3. Dj Able, Tribal Audio, MJ White – I Weep (MoD & Staffan Thorsell Remix) [Soul Mjuzieek Digital]
  4. Alex Ander – I Thought (Boy Orlando’s Disco Trip) [Heavenly Bodies]
  5. Claude-9 Morupisi – Tears of a Broken Child (Feat. Caysoul Muziq) (Main Mix) [Just As I Am]
  6. Uber Harmonics, One Dee, Ms H – Feel The Rhythm (Steve Miggedy Maestro Vocal Retouch) [Kingdom]
  7. Chez Damier, Eddie Leader & Tomson – I Am With You (dub) [Hudd Traxx]
  8. Sandy Rivera, Haze – Changes (Original Mix) [Defected]
  9. Baltimore Soul Tree, Sande’ – We Are The Party People (Spen, Thommy & Neal Hump Mix) [Quantize]
  10. Abel Ray – Let Them Talk (Original Mix) [House Tribe]

FINEST RADIOSHOW #258 (09-08-2014)


  1. Calvin Fallo, Nomoya – Joy (Original Mix) [Deep Ground]
  2. The Layabouts, Pete Simpson – Thank You (Vocal Mix) [MN2S]
  3. Glenn Gregory, Mr. Boogie, Creso, Darian Crouse – Tell Me Anything (Main Vocal Mix) [Korner Gruve]
  4. Steven Stone, L.T. Brown – Let It Go (Terry Lex & Sean David Main) [Soul Deluxe]
  5. Steve Silk Hurley, Greg Gibbs – The Glow Of Love (Eddie Valdez main remix) [S & S]
  6. Federico d’Alessio, Sofia Rubina – Free (Mark Di Meo Vocal Mix ) [United Music]
  7. Julien Jabre – Swimming Places [Defected]
  8. Danny J Lewis – Spend The Night (Soulfunktion Deep Soul Mix) [Ruff Traxx]
  9. Ross Couch – Can We Fall In Love [Body Rhythm]
  10. Mode Nine, Damon Trueitt – Hurt My Soul (Grant Nelson Remix) [Deep 8]

FINEST RADIOSHOW #257 (02-08-2014)


  1. Jennifer Hudson, R. Kelly – It’s Your World (Terry Hunter Club Mix) [T’s Box]
  2. Tony Humphries, Junior White, Aaron K. Gray – Wonder Why (Vocal Mix) [Tony]
  3. DJ Ermi – The First Violin Feat. Gracy Lagana [Double Cheese]
  4. Royal Music Paris – Your Love (Club Mix) [Royal Music Paris]
  5. Eddie Matos – Better Daze [Vital Vibes]
  6. 9Lives – If This World Were Mine [Open Bar Music]
  7. Kenny Summit, Tom Gianelli – This Is The Return [Good For You]
  8. Dario D’Attis – The Good Old Days (Original Mix) [Defected]
  9. White Soul Project – Ever Love (Earnshaw’s Dub) [Duffnote]
  10. Ministry Of Funk – Spacer (Original Mix) [DJ Xpress]

FINEST RADIOSHOW #256 (26-07-2014)


  1. Heston – Resign 2 U (Reel People Vocal Mix) [Reel People Music]
  2. Black Masses – Wonderful Person (MAW Vocal Mix) [MAW]
  3. VillaNova feat. Gary Bardouille – About Me (Original Mix) [Magnetica]
  4. Lynne Summers – It’s Only Physical Lynne Summers (Classic House Mix) [D# Records]
  5. Heather Johnson – Love Alive (Danny Clark Main Mix) [King Street]
  6. Dana Weaver – Fading Away (Guido P & SoulBridge HSR Mix) [In The Zone]
  7. Artful & Ridney & Terri Walker – Missing You (Eric Kupper’s ‘Director’s Cut Tribute To FK’ Mix) [Extra Dry Records]
  8. Ultimo Numero, Stagz Jazz, Motlatsi – In Your Soul (Lele-X Remix) [Chymamusique Records]
  9. Joey Kay – Don’t Make Me Wait (Chicago Deep Mix) [Vibe Boutique Records]
  10. Tim Andresen – Lonely House (City Soul Project Remix) [What Happens]

FINEST RADIOSHOW #255 (19-07-2014)


  1. Stephanie Cooke – Sweetest Thing (Honeycomb Vocal Mix) [King Street]
  2. Ralf GUM, Portia Monique – Free (Is All I Wanna Be) (Ralf GUM Main Mix) [GOGO Music]
  3. Gruv Basement – Smooth Event (Original Mix) [Adaptation Music]
  4. Dj Pierre Feat. Queen Mary – Good Luv (Df’s Between Da Sheets Mix) [King Street]
  5. Sean McCabe – Something About You (Holding On Dub) [Z Records]
  6. Paul Hutchinson – House Music Is My Life (Original Mix) [Soul Mjuzieek Digital]
  7. Melissa B – Be Free (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Flying Colors Mix) [Quantize]
  8. Two 4 Soul, Chelsea Como – I Want You (Montana & Stewart Remix) [Tony]
  9. Roy Davis Jr., Robert Owens – Slide (Sean Smith Remix) [Mile End]
  10. Kerri Chandler – What Is 6:23 [King Street Soiunds]

FINEST RADIOSHOW #254 (12-07-2014)


  1. Klevakeys – Back To Deep [UNQUANTIZE]
  2. Soulprovider & Maru – Can’t Keep Holding On (Original Mix) [MAVERICK RECORDS]
  3. B Erica – Just Move (Main Mix) [DEEP RESOLUTE]
  4. Roman & Me – Back 2 Soul  (Original Mix) [DJ XPRESS]
  5. Alex Ander & Pete Simpson – Your Freedom (Antony Fennel Club Mix) [PURPLE MUSIC]
  6. Terry Lex feat. Cinnamon Brown – I Believe In Me (Original Mix) [DISCOPOLIS RECORDINGS]
  7. Ian Friday feat. Kelli Sae – Live In Me DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Reedit (DJ Spen & Thommy Da Vis Reedit) [GLOBAL SOUL MUSIC]
  8. Steven Stone feat. Jessy Howe – If You Leave Me (Deft Bonz Remix) [DEEP DELUXE RECORDINGS]
  9. The Vibes Organization – All My Mistake (Spiritual Blessing Deepa Mix) [KINGS OF GROOVE]
  10. J Paul Getto – Soul Tonight (Original) [GUEST HOUSE]
  11. Trevor Vichas – Miss Nice (Original Mix) [294 RECORDS]

FINEST RADIOSHOW #253 (05-07-2014)


  1. First Choice – The Player (Boris Dlugosch & Mousse T’s Club Mix) [Fluential]
  2. Baseek feat Carmen Nophra – My Groove Is So Hot  (Original Mix) [Mjuzieek Digital]
  3. Bronx Cheer & Gramma Funk – Do Do Funk (Milty Evans Chi Town Funk Dub) [Tall House Digital]
  4. Andy Soul – The Land (Andy Soul Mix) [Plastik People Digital]
  5. DJ Gregory – Elle (Copyright Re Edit) [Defected]
  6. Mo’Horizons feat Leila Pantel – Brazil (Matthias Heilbronn’s World Cup 2014 Mix) [Pata de Perro]
  7. Gianluca Pighi, Massimo Paramour, Ahmad Larnes – Come With Me (Deepsoul Remix) [Makin Moves]
  8. Rhemi feat. Nicole Mitchell – Tired (Phaze Dee Dub) [Rhemi Music]
  9. Ministry Of Funk – Disco Trip  (Original Mix) [Muzik X Press]
  10. DJ Fopp & DJ Davide Ronghi – Ain’t Nobody Goin’ Home (Alfred Azzetto Re-Work) [Mind The Gap]

FINEST RADIOSHOW #252 (28-06-2014)


  1. Detroit Swindle feat. Mayer Hawthorne – 64 Ways (Kerri Kaoz Chandler Vocal Remix) [Dirt Crew]
  2. Darryl D’Bonneau & Cinnamon Brown – House Of Love (Original Mix) [Purple Music]
  3. Rhemi feat. Carmichael MusicLover – Everything Is Good (Main Mix) [Rhemi Music]
  4. Terrence Parker – When Loves The Feeling (Lenny RX & Kenny Summit Remix) [Mind Medicine]
  5. Blaze – Lovelee Dae (Original Mix) [Playhouse Music]
  6. Johnny Fiasco – Yolo (Original mix) [NuPhuture Traxx]
  7. DJ Spen – Stranger (Todd Terry, Spen & Thommy’s Gypsy Mix) [Unquantize]
  8. Ray Manteca – Mayamero (Mojitos Mix) [Vida Records]
  9. Krankbrother – Thank You Baby [DFTD]
  10. Random Soul – Forbidden Love (Grant Nelson Remix) [Random Soul]
  11. The Checkup – The Race [Beef Records]

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