FINEST RADIOSHOW #258 (09-08-2014)


  1. Calvin Fallo, Nomoya – Joy (Original Mix) [Deep Ground]
  2. The Layabouts, Pete Simpson – Thank You (Vocal Mix) [MN2S]
  3. Glenn Gregory, Mr. Boogie, Creso, Darian Crouse – Tell Me Anything (Main Vocal Mix) [Korner Gruve]
  4. Steven Stone, L.T. Brown – Let It Go (Terry Lex & Sean David Main) [Soul Deluxe]
  5. Steve Silk Hurley, Greg Gibbs – The Glow Of Love (Eddie Valdez main remix) [S & S]
  6. Federico d’Alessio, Sofia Rubina – Free (Mark Di Meo Vocal Mix ) [United Music]
  7. Julien Jabre – Swimming Places [Defected]
  8. Danny J Lewis – Spend The Night (Soulfunktion Deep Soul Mix) [Ruff Traxx]
  9. Ross Couch – Can We Fall In Love [Body Rhythm]
  10. Mode Nine, Damon Trueitt – Hurt My Soul (Grant Nelson Remix) [Deep 8]

FINEST RADIOSHOW #253 (05-07-2014)


  1. First Choice – The Player (Boris Dlugosch & Mousse T’s Club Mix) [Fluential]
  2. Baseek feat Carmen Nophra – My Groove Is So Hot  (Original Mix) [Mjuzieek Digital]
  3. Bronx Cheer & Gramma Funk – Do Do Funk (Milty Evans Chi Town Funk Dub) [Tall House Digital]
  4. Andy Soul – The Land (Andy Soul Mix) [Plastik People Digital]
  5. DJ Gregory – Elle (Copyright Re Edit) [Defected]
  6. Mo’Horizons feat Leila Pantel – Brazil (Matthias Heilbronn’s World Cup 2014 Mix) [Pata de Perro]
  7. Gianluca Pighi, Massimo Paramour, Ahmad Larnes – Come With Me (Deepsoul Remix) [Makin Moves]
  8. Rhemi feat. Nicole Mitchell – Tired (Phaze Dee Dub) [Rhemi Music]
  9. Ministry Of Funk – Disco Trip  (Original Mix) [Muzik X Press]
  10. DJ Fopp & DJ Davide Ronghi – Ain’t Nobody Goin’ Home (Alfred Azzetto Re-Work) [Mind The Gap]

FINEST RADIOSHOW #244 (12-04-2014)


  1. François K – Hypnodelic [Wave Music]
  2. The Layabouts feat Shea Soul – Let Me Go (Original) [Limestone]
  3. The Djoon Experience – Catalina (Franck Roger Remix) [Djoon Experience]
  4. Dj Bakk3 & AK Sunshine – Untitled Song (Main Dub Mix) [Black People]
  5. Kenny Summit – Loves Me Loves Me Not (Kenny’s Less Vox Mix) [Good For You]
  6. Peter Funk & Kevin Yost – Dreams of You [I Records]
  7. Mood II Swing feat Carol Sylvan – Closer (Fred Everything & Oliver Desmet Remix) [King Street]
  8. Ramon Tapia – The Feelin’ (Original Mix) [I’m a House Gangster]
  9. Time Takers – Burning Up (Original Mix) [Freeze Dried]
  10. Danny J Lewis – This House (Dub Mix) [Enzyme Black]
  11. Joey Negro pres Z Factor – Sounds In The Air [Z Records]

FINEST RADIOSHOW #242 (22-03-2014)


  1. Cooler Da Souldigger – Skuku Kenuku (AfriSoul Original Mix) [Vizeeble Entertainment]
  2. Groovesoul – Afro Sax (Original Mix) [Skalla Records]
  3. DJ Cute SA – Spirit Of Kwano (Original Mix ) [Afro Platinum Music]
  4. Charles Webster, Diviniti – Learning To Love Me (Chumza Vocal Mix) [Miso]
  5. Lee Tristram, Sandy Spady – On It (Black Sonix Raw Flute Mix) [Drum Records]
  6. Quentin Harris – Lets be Young (Julien Jabre Remix) [NRK]
  7. Ruben Naess – Snow Crystals (Original Mix) [Deep Street Recordings]
  8. Martijn – Noc Noc (Original Mix) [Savoir Faire Musique]
  9. Tim Andresen – Right Here, Right Now (Soul Minority Beach Party Mix) [Savoir Faire Musique]
  10. David Caballero, Victor Castillo – I Need You (Gilbert Le Funk Remix) [Old Town Records]
  11. Ronan C – The Uh Break! [WHITE]

FINEST RADIOSHOW #236 (01-02-2014)



  1. Donae’o – I (Sean McCabe Remix) [Strictly Rhythm]
  2. Jon Cutler featuring Kemdi – You Groove Me (Osunlade Mix) [Distant Music]
  3. JoioDJ and Wondress – Love The Music (Earl Tutu & John Khan Smooth Groove Mix) [Dejavoo Records]
  4. Born I Music, Oscar P. and C. Scott – That Fly Shtt (Cubique DJ CB Remix) [Open Bar Music]
  5. Deeprebel – Deeper Love (Original Mix) [Gruv Shack]
  6. Chymamusique – Jazz According The House (Gabbana’s Soulful Enterpretation) [Chymamusiq Records]
  7. Steve Abbishaw – Lucky Seven (The Soul Creative Remix) [SoHo Beats Recordings]
  8. Inaky Garcia – Get A Funk (Deep Josh The Applefunk Remix) [Applefunk]
  9. David Harness – Soaring Over Brazil (Original Mix) [Moulton Music]
  10. Groove Box – The More You Want (MAW Flava Mix) [Nite Grooves]