FINEST RADIOSHOW #244 (12-04-2014)


  1. François K – Hypnodelic [Wave Music]
  2. The Layabouts feat Shea Soul – Let Me Go (Original) [Limestone]
  3. The Djoon Experience – Catalina (Franck Roger Remix) [Djoon Experience]
  4. Dj Bakk3 & AK Sunshine – Untitled Song (Main Dub Mix) [Black People]
  5. Kenny Summit – Loves Me Loves Me Not (Kenny’s Less Vox Mix) [Good For You]
  6. Peter Funk & Kevin Yost – Dreams of You [I Records]
  7. Mood II Swing feat Carol Sylvan – Closer (Fred Everything & Oliver Desmet Remix) [King Street]
  8. Ramon Tapia – The Feelin’ (Original Mix) [I’m a House Gangster]
  9. Time Takers – Burning Up (Original Mix) [Freeze Dried]
  10. Danny J Lewis – This House (Dub Mix) [Enzyme Black]
  11. Joey Negro pres Z Factor – Sounds In The Air [Z Records]

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